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Our Passion for Global Education

SchoolRubric originally started as a blog for a few international educators who had relocated to the United States after a decade living and working in international schools. We wanted to share our experiences as both former K-12 U.S. and international teachers and administrators transitioning into the world of higher education and find a way to stay connected with all of the amazing and interesting people we had met along the way.

We were inspired and encouraged by the feedback we received from our stories – in particular, how seemingly disparate and unrelated accounts from one side of the world could positively impact things on the other. We realized the importance and significance of establishing relationships, sharing experiences, and facilitating connections among educators across the world.

Our community and audience today consists of thousands of passionate educators, administrators, parents, and students who recognize the need to connect, acknowledge and appreciate diversity, and realize that there is strength and value in learning from others. We are humbled and in awe of those who dedicate their lives in service to student learning and the development of the whole child and can shift between being leaders and followers, learners and teachers, and mentors and apprentices in a variety of different contexts.

About SchoolRubric

SchoolRubric is a registered non-profit organization that currently offers a number of content pieces, such as online articles, InterACT Magazine, professional development webinars, educational podcast features, interviews, and panel discussions in English and Spanish. We’re constantly exploring different content streams and mediums along with identifying current trends in education that will resonate and provide meaning to our audience.

We look forward to interacting with the educational community and working together to help students around the world achieve the best possible educational outcomes. Should you wish to contact us for more information or for potential collaboration opportunities, please email us at