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Magazine Publication Schedule

InterAct Magazine

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

    Estimated Publication Date: August 2022

    Education is no longer a profession where teachers can "close the door and teach" - more teamwork and collaboration are required to discuss best practices, plan together, share resources, and work together towards a common goal. InterACT Volume 4, Issue 2 features stores from educators across the world who share their perspectives on Collaboration and Teamwork.

  • Vulnerable Leadership: Learning From Failure

    Estimated Publication Date: November 2022

    As leaders, we've all experienced setbacks, challenges, and in some cases - failure. This issue of InterACT Magazine is dedicated to those who have failed yet are vulnerable enough to share their story and use it as inspiration to improve themselves and to inspire those around them. Vulnerable Leadership: Learning From Failure explores the phenomenon of learning from our mistakes and being vulnerable enough to share and grow.

  • Building Community and Developing Culture

    Estimated Publication Date: January 2023

    Each organization and school has a different culture and mindset, and for many educators who live and work internationally, there is an additional layer of community and culture that can either serve as a source of strength or an impediment to progress. In InterACT Magazine Volume 5, Issue 1 we invite educators from across the world to share their perspectives on Building Community and Developing Culture.

Global Education Insights

  • Theme/Topic

    Estimated Publication Date: June 2022

    Within only a short amount of time, an interview is supposed to determine if a teacher is a good fit for a school’s needs. What are some interview questions or practices that you think best allow administration to make these decisions? In a climate of teacher scarcity, what can districts do to encourage teachers to apply, particularly teachers from historically under-represented groups, such as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled teachers?

  • Estimated Publication Date: August 2022

    Global Education Insights #014

  • Estimated Publication Date: October 2022

    Global Education Insights #015