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Crush It From The Start: 50 Tips For New Teachers

Crush It From The Start: 50 Tips For New Teachers

Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D, Samantha Fecich, Ph.D, Casey Thomas Jakubowski, Ph.D, Kevin Leichtman, Ph.D

Welcome to the Teaching Profession!

Is it what you expected? For many new teachers, that answer is a resounding no! The challenges and barriers you face may be unlike anything you prepared for or learned about prior to stepping into the classroom. Teaching is an amazing and wonderful career, but it is rife with obstacles to overcome.

Trust the doctors to prepare you for the realities of teaching! Drs. Matt, Sam, Casey, and Kevin will lead you through the hottest topics, surprising situations, and crucial advice that will help you flourish in year one.

We know what it’s like to enter a classroom for the first time and think, “I’m the adult in charge right now?” Authors Matt, Sam, Casey, and Kevin have extensive experience both in teaching and as leaders helping pre-service educators transition to the classroom. The first year can be overwhelming from the start.

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