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International Education Leadership: Stories From Across The Globe

International Education Leadership: Stories From Across The Globe

Lindsay Prendergast, Catarina Song Chen, Dr. Wallace Ting

International schools represent almost 13,000 institutions across the globe. They span a myriad of forms and frameworks across hundreds of countries all over the world, and yet we are united by a common purpose: connecting cultures, people, and nations through education.

International Education Leadership: Stories From Across the Globe is a collaborative effort to share stories that matter and are relevant to educators aspiring to become heads of international schools or anyone already involved in educational leadership. We asked 13 international school leaders to share their leadership story or lesson, each of which is captured and divided into seven major motifs:

* Mission, Vision, and Core Values

* Professional Capacity of Educators

* Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

* School Improvement

* Community of Care and Support for Students

* Equity and Cultural Responsiveness

* Operations and Resource Management

Together, they illustrate the beautiful landscape of international school leadership; they turn an abstract work of art that paints everything tenuous, gray, and ambiguous in educational leadership into a clear form of tangible perspectives. The book unveils the mysterious skills of educational leadership to portray intuitive knowledge and perceptive accounts of lessons learned.

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