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Operation Teacher Relief – Storehouse for Digital Learning During Crisis & Natural Disaster

If you are ready to add to playlists, scroll to collaborator access links – bottom of this article.

The Why

In 2017, Texas and Louisiana were hit with one of the most catastrophic hurricanes since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. The flooding and loss of life caused by Hurricane Harvey were devastating. Families fled to other cities and states included the area in which I live. Dallas’ convention center made preparations to house more than 5,000 evacuees from Louisiana.

Watching the news every day, I couldn’t help but think about all those family’s lives being turned upside down. I began to think, “What are the kids doing at the convention center while parents are trying to rebuild their lives? What if they had learning right at their fingertips? Something parents could easily access. Even in the most difficult of times, teachers want nothing more than to teach their students if for no other reason than to give them a sense of normalcy. What if teachers could use this same ‘something’ to teach students remotely?”

I knew I had to make it happen.

The What

The name came to me immediately. Operation Teacher Relief.  The concept came right behind it. A storehouse for digital learning during crisis and natural disaster. An emergency education outreach for teachers, parents, and children.

Unique in every way, Operation Teacher Relief is a one-stop shop for every grade level K- 12. The goal is for students to learn & keep their routine as normal as possible during a crisis.

The goal is for students The goal of Operation Teacher Relief is for students to learn & keep their routine as normal as possible during a crisis.
The goal is for students The goal of Operation Teacher Relief is for students to learn & keep their routine as normal as possible during a crisis.

The Playlists: The Heart of Operation Teacher Relief.

Playlists were created on the Operation Teacher Relief YouTube channel by grade level for all content areas: reading, writing, language arts, math, science, social studies, and even ELL resources.

The Subscriptions

A comprehensive list of channels has been subscribed to and can be found under the ‘Channels’ tab.

Selected subscription channels were chosen for not only for educational purposes, but also for fun and entertainment, whole body movement song and dance, scholarship prep, SAT prep, and teacher development.

The subscriptions are priceless resources for parents and teachers.

The list is growing and includes the following channels:

Khan Academy, Cool School, Edutopia, Nick, Jr., Brain Pop, Brain Pop Jr., Dream Works TV, TARA Martin, Fav Pilkey, Cappex, Epic for Kids, Harry Kindergarten Music, Heinemann Publishing, TEDx Talks, Dave Burgess, Homeschool Pop, Illuminated Films, Lawson’s Dad the Actor, Scholastic Storybook Treasures, SciShow Kids, StorylineOnline, Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs, The Kiboomers – Kids Music Channel, The Singing Walrus – English Songs for Kids, PBS Kids, Netflix Jr., Toddler Fun Learning, Disney Junior UK, Mike’s Home ESL, Pinkfong! Kids Songs and Stories, Carol Salva, Jack Hartmann Kids Music, Scholastic, The Learning Station, Peekaboo Kidz, National Geographic Kids


Operation Teacher Relief has a Facebook Page & You Tube Channel and will continue to support learning and teaching through crisis and natural disaster.

Additionally, the Operation Teacher Relief You Tube channel has a rich library of subscribed channels to further support digital learning during times of crisis.

An Enhancement, Not a Replacement

Districts are preparing their own remote learning resources. The intent is not to use #OperationTeacherRelief instead, but rather, in addition to your district’s resources.

For example, if you have created a #remotelearning schedule for your students you may want to suggest parents access the subscription channels for a fun break for the student. A story from StorylineOnline, a song from Pinkfong!, or a fun break watching Netflix, Jr.


Two years later, the world has its eyes on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Spreading across multiple countries, precautions and emergency management have become routine. What’s not routine is the massive school closings, conference and convention cancellations, large-scale travel modifications, and serious talk about sporting events being played with no fans in the stands.

A Pressing Call to Action: How Educators Can Contribute to Operation Teacher Relief

Operation Teacher Relief is an evolving resource that is still developing and needs educators to contribute to the playlists for use by educators and parents.

To add a video to a playlist, collaborator access links are at the end of the article. Choose your grade/subject, find your favorite videos and add to the playlist!

The time you take to use your professional expertise to add engaging resources to the playlists will take a tremendous load off our friends who are unable to access teaching and learning.  Your time will help educators having to teach remotely through crisis or natural disaster.

Those of us facing school closure, we, too can add to playlists.

The Nation’s status is changing rapidly with every passing moment. Now, nearly every district in every state is considering some type of remote learning, or at the very least the conversations have begun.

At the time of the initial publish date of this article, my district wasn’t closed. As of today, my district is closed for two additional weeks beyond spring break.

Looking for Teachers in Other Parts of the World to Build playlists for Their Countries

Teachers and parents around the world could use a resource such as Operation Teacher Relief. Let’s take it global!

To do that, I need global teachers from other parts of the world to contact me at We would discuss how you can add a playlist that I can create for your country.

We need this now more than ever and we can all play a critical role to aggressively add to playlists.

Here are the ways YOU can help NOW!


  • Add to the many playlists on the Operation Teacher Relief You Tube channel. By clicking on the collaborator links below you can add videos.
  • When you click on the link, it will take you to the playlist and you will see a highlighted option.
  • To learn how to add videos, please watch this short tutorial, or scroll to the bottom of the article for collaborator access links.

  • Add resources to the Operation Teacher Relief Facebook page. Specify grade level and topic. What you can add here is endless, think big! Simply upload to the page!

Our hearts go out to children, teachers, their families, all citizens, and first responders affected by crisis or natural disaster.

This simple act is one giant act of kindness and caring for mankind.

Let’s help teachers & parents continue to remotely educate our children in times of crisis. Be sure to use #OperationTeacherRelief when sharing.

Questions, support needed to upload videos, inquiries, please email To continue to connect, search Traci Browder on your favorite podcast platform for my podcast, Intelligogy.


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Collaborator Links

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