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The Grounded Learners Guild

The Grounded Learners Guild is the brainchild of three secondary educators who strive to create inspiring learning opportunities for adults. This podcast gets real about education, authentic leadership and the transcendent power of a highly functioning team.

Emily Coklan is the guild’s flinger of idea spaghetti and teacher-minded skeptic. A resume covering LA/Literature instruction as well as LMC direction prior to settling into the instructional coaching groove has instilled a love for fast research and the tendency to use too many words and punctuation marks. Jenni LaBrie is the Grounded Learners Guild’s “clarified butter”, streamlining and enhancing every idea the guild cooks up with intentional questioning and thoughtful revision. Jenni’s trajectory has seen her delivering 13 years of high school Spanish instruction, evolving into a trailblazer in tech integration and blended learning, and finally planting both feet firmly in the world of instructional coaching and adult learning. Casey Veitch is “La Capitana” and idea machine that keeps the wheels of the Grounded Learners Guild turning with fresh content and an ever-present ability to make cogent connections. She brings a decade of high school English instruction to the collective guild street cred in addition to an ever growing professional library that she can sometimes quote verbatim.

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