American International School Dhaka

12 United Nations Road Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh
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The American International School Dhaka (AISD) has existed in the nation of Bangladesh since 1972, but its history goes back as far as 1956, when, in former East Pakistan, it was known as the Dacca American Society School. Over the years, this educational institution has gone through various changes. The school offers a program based on American educational principles and creating an academic and social environment that challenges students to achieve their potential, become lifelong learners, and contribute to a changing global society.

The AISD Board of Directors operates as a strategic board where trustees are focused on big-picture and on-going strategic planning, fiduciary oversight, ensuring legal compliance and the selection and evaluation of the Superintendent.  The board empowers the Superintendent to lead, manage and guide the school as its chief executive officer. Of the board’s nine voting members, five (5) shall be US citizens and four (4) shall be open to any nationality. Of the five US citizens, a minimum of three (3) shall be direct hire employees of the US government or their dependents.  All members of the school board are appointed for a minimum of two years with an option to extend an additional year until the member reaches a term limit of five years. If a school board member reaches the term limit, he/she must take a one-year hiatus, and then he/she is eligible for re-appointment.

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School Information
K3 - Grade 12
Current Head of School

John Smithies

School location:

12 United Nations Road Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh

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