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How to Write & Send Email to Teacher | Step by Step Guide for Students in GMAIL

Need to send an email to your teacher? In this video, I will show you how to write a professional and effective email to your teacher, professor, or instructor! I will give you a send-by-step guide on how to compose an email, explain what BCC and CC mean as well as show you how to unsend an email. I hope this is helpful!

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Whether you are a teacher trying to help ALL your students navigate the writing process, a parent struggling at home to help their child with distance learning, or a student that just got a massive essay in class, this channel is for you! I walk you through the entire writing process from start to finish. In this channel, you will find research-based, classroom-tested, student-approved literacy skills for equitable education!

My hope is that these videos will help you as you write in school and at home. I am a classroom teacher myself, so I know how hard teaching writing is. I use all these videos in my own classroom to support and differentiate the learning for ALL my students. I have found these videos extremely helpful for ALL students especially English Language Learners. I also provide free classroom materials to help you teach writing to ALL your kids.

  • 0:00 What is covered
  • 0:34 Basic structure of email
  • 1:05 What is CC in an email?
  • 1:39 What is BCC in an email?
  • 2:12 Step #1 & examples
  • 2:46 BIG mistake in emails
  • 3:09 Step #2 of email writing
  • 3:26 Step #3 & examples
  • 4:34 Another BIG mistake in emails
  • 4:49 Step #4 & examples
  • 6:28 Step #5 & examples
  • 6:46 Step #6 & 7
  • 7:03 MAKE sure to do THIS!
  • 7:44 How to UNSEND an email
Tommy Messinger
For the past seven years, I have taught at a Charter school in San Diego that serves a 60% refugee and immigrant population. I have had the opportunity to teach everything from Honors Social Science subjects, Android app development, remedial literacy and AVID to running an after school robotics and basketball program, operate as testing coordinator, and serve on our school’s leadership team. I recently finished my M.S.E in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Reading Education at Kansas University.