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Laying the Groundwork for Writing Your Book: From Inspiration to Outline | Educators Without Borders

Most aspiring authors have a general idea of what they want to be their book about, but ensuring that their idea is original and builds upon current knowledge and outlining a structure can be a challenge. In this episode of Educators Without Borders, four established and successful book authors share tips and experiences on how to conduct research and build a framework for a successful writing endeavor.

Panelists include Serena Pariser (Real Talk About Time Management, Real Talk About Classroom Management), ÉTIENNE (Rock Your Class), and Heather Wolpert-Gawron (Just Ask Us: Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement, Writing Behind Every Door: Teaching Common Core Writing in the Content Areas). Facilitated by Matt Rhoads (Navigating the Toggled Term).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 1:30 Author introductions
  • 3:12 Appropriate depth and effort to spend in the research/investigation process
  • 6:35 Where should I go to start researching for my book?
  • 12:30 Incorporating other voices, stories, and experiences in a unique way
  • 18:08 Going from preliminary research to outline
  • 21:56 How did you organize the outline for your book?
  • 27:05 Final ideas and tips from our book authors
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