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End Your Essay: How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph (PART 1)

Wondering how to end your essay well? Trying to write a conclusion paragraph to wrap up your essay with an A+? In this video, I review the structure, outline and steps to writing a conclusion paragraph.

First, I cover the purpose of a conclusion paragraph and show you a unique way to think about the structure of it. I also tell you the best time to write your conclusion to help the flow and wrap up your essay up nicely. Next, I explain how to restate your thesis in your conclusion. I cover common mistakes as well as two examples. Lastly, I give you questions to edit and revise your work. Since this is part 1 of this video series, you will want to stay tuned for the second video!

Tommy Messinger
For the past seven years, I have taught at a Charter school in San Diego that serves a 60% refugee and immigrant population. I have had the opportunity to teach everything from Honors Social Science subjects, Android app development, remedial literacy and AVID to running an after school robotics and basketball program, operate as testing coordinator, and serve on our school’s leadership team. I recently finished my M.S.E in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Reading Education at Kansas University.