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#6 Elements of a Story–Characters, Setting, Plot & Theme (Reading Comprehension)

In this video, I teach you the elements of a story. I will cover characters, setting, plot and theme. You will understand the who of the story-the characters, the where and when of the story-the setting, the different plots of the plot, the exposition, problem, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution, and how to determine the theme of the story.

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The Digger & the Duckling Read-Aloud:

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This is part of a bigger series called Foundations of Reading Comprehension. I will cover how to complete KWL charts, make predictions, visualize with the five senses, summarize with the five W’s, monitor and clarify, the story elements, ask good questions, make inferences, use textual evidence, and close read. You will learn 10 different reading comprehension skills!

This is a great way for your students or children to make huge strides in their reading during the summer months. I invite you to join the challenge!

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Tommy Messinger
For the past seven years, I have taught at a Charter school in San Diego that serves a 60% refugee and immigrant population. I have had the opportunity to teach everything from Honors Social Science subjects, Android app development, remedial literacy and AVID to running an after school robotics and basketball program, operate as testing coordinator, and serve on our school’s leadership team. I recently finished my M.S.E in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Reading Education at Kansas University.