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The Nardagani Reading Program: Helping All Students Read English – Narda Pitkethly

Narda Pitkethly, the Founder and CEO of the Naradagani Reading Program, shares more about how her innovative and normal symbol-based program helps students of all ages and backgrounds learn to read. She also talks about her struggles and resilience in launching her company and offers a preview of her popular memoir, Nardagani: A Memoir – Finding Light in the Shadow of a Brother’s Disappearance. For more information about the Nardagani Reading Program, visit

  • 0:00 Narda Pitkethly introduction
  • 0:52 What is the Nardagani Reading Program?
  • 3:03 Program expansion plans, stay-at-home learning
  • 5:18 Supplement, replacement, or last resort?
  • 7:39 Program effectiveness with different learners
  • 9:28 Efficacy studies of the reading program
  • 11:19 Finding resilience to start a company
  • 14:05 Why write your memoir?
  • 16:43 For more information
Nardy Pitkethly
My focus is to expand the reach of the Nardagani Reading Program, so we may teach struggling readers the basic skill of reading. The Nardagani Reading Program is inspired by the Japanese Hiragana coding system, which was developed hundreds of years ago. As a result of this simple method, Japan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. In my 20s I learned to read Japanese in one week. I adapted the Japanese method to English. Now, reading English is easy too!