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Should I Stay or Go? The International Teaching Dilemma | Global Take

In this episode of Global Take, we discuss a decision that all international teachers face, “Should I stay, or should I go?” Maybe you are overworked? Or maybe you don’t have room to advance at your current school? Or maybe there are better opportunities at other international schools? Or maybe you crave a new country and culture?

How to know when it is time to leave your international school? Please join Gwinyai Jambga (Athletic & Activities Director, The American School of Paris), Marta Cotrim (Lecturer at Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, Canada), and Noah Bohnen (Middle School Principal, Jakarta Intercultural School). Hosted by Ryan Sagare (Co-founder of SchoolRubric).

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 1:30 Guest introductions
  • 5:07 What were your reasons for leaving an international school?
  • 9:32 Career advancement at your current school or seek opportunities elsewhere?
  • 17:00 School Spotlight: Jakarta Intercultural School
  • 24:24 Advice for leaving an international school
Global Take
Global Take is an initiative by SchoolRubric to help connect, inform, and share stories and strategies specific to international schools. Through live episodes, school spotlights, and more, we strive to share our passion for international education and ultimately help improve student outcomes in these global communities.