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Esports in International Schools | Global Take

In this episode of Global Take, we will talk about Esports! Do they have a place in our schools, competitions, and what type of students engage in them? Plus, if you want to get a program started, what kind of tech support do you need, what are the pitfalls and benefits, and is more screen time really what our students need right now?

Join Christopher Bell (Librarian and Technology Coordinator, International School Bangkok), Troy Harkin (MS Design Teacher & Technology Instructional Coach, Shanghai American School) and Gustavo Dias (Physical Education Teacher and Coach, American School of Paris). Hosted by Nick DeForest (Assistant Director of the Events Office, American International School Vienna).

  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 3:15 Guest introductions
  • 5:56 Do Esports have a place in our schools?
  • 14:13 What type of tech support do you need for starting an Esports program?
  • 22:42 Is Esports what our students need right now?
  • 32:10 School Spotlight: Shanghai American School, China
Global Take
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