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From Conception to Reality: Our Experiences in Authoring & Writing Books | Educators Without Borders

Educators: Have you always thought about writing a book but aren’t sure about where to start or the steps to take? Plenty of educators have wonderful ideas and experiences to share, but writing a book can be a daunting and challenging experience for the uninitiated. In this episode of Educators Without Borders, we convene four successful educators who have written and published books to take us through their experiences and answer questions from aspiring authors from around the world.

Panelists include Matt Rhoades (Navigating the Toggled Term), Étienne (Rock Your Class), and Serena Pariser (Real Talk About Time Management, Real Talk About Classroom Management). Hosted by Matt Jones (Helping Teens Succeed in High School & Life).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 1:26 Learning about our book authors
  • 3:53 Finding your motivation for writing a book
  • 7:08 Finding inspiration and direction to guide your book
  • 11:33 How long did it take to complete the draft of your book?
  • 15:40 Do you have a schedule when writing?
  • 18:02 Did you ever want to give up?
  • 20:17 Self publishing versus through a book company
  • 26:56 What platforms do you recommend for self publishing?
  • 28:35 What opportunities have arisen as a result of writing a book?]
  • 34:10 Designating a specific time each day to write?
  • 36:28 Key takeaways from our book authors
  • 41:06 Conclusion
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