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Tips for Thriving in Your First Year as Principal | Educators Without Borders

A school principal’s role can sometimes be an overwhelming and lonely endeavor, particularly for younger and fresher principals. The excitement of obtaining your first school leadership position can sometimes fade quickly as the reality of the role and its responsibilities set in. We are excited to hear from some principals that have lived through their first year in the current roles while facing a pandemic and the normal challenges of being a campus principal.

Together they will share some of the common challenges new principals face and how you can prepare for the greatest chance of success? This episode of Educators Without Borders features three younger school principals who share the lessons they’ve learned so far in their leadership journey and advice for new principals. Panelists include Winston McCowan Jr. (Principal, Chisholm Trail High School), Juan Manuel Galindo Morales (Secondary Principal, Saint Matthew School), and Amanda Borowczak (Principal, Rayburn Elementary STEAM Academy). Hosted by Dr. Robert Thornell (Chief Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Lewisville ISD).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 1:33 Introductions
  • 3:24 Surprises during your first year as a new school principal
  • 6:50 Prioritizing instructional leadership and classroom observations
  • 11:52 Confronting challenges presented by the pandemic this year
  • 16:40 Finding support, guidance, and advice as principals
  • 21:41 GLP (Grateful, Learned, Plan/Promise)
  • 22:30 Tough conversations and making difficult decisions
  • 29:33 Formal and informal preparation as a principal
  • 34:18 How do you perceive the future of education and leadership?
  • 39:50 Helping teachers through the evaluation process
  • 44:40 Tips for aspiring principals
  • 50:08 Wrapping up
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