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Identity and Culture in Education: The Third Culture Kid Experience | Educators Without Borders

Third culture kids (TCK) are children who were raised in a culture other than their parents or the country of their nationality. While TCKs generally earn advanced education degrees at a much higher rate than non TCKs, they also struggle with a sense of identity, relationships, view of self/others, and the world. As we contextualize and consider education on an increasingly global scale, what are some of the inherent challenges and opportunities surrounding both educators’ and students’ sense of identity and how do these notions impact their worldview and their motivation for learning?

This episode of Educators Without Borders welcomes three teachers working as educators in schools around the world: Daniel Wickner (Elementary School Teacher, Hong Kong), Sarah Ko (Educational Consultant, Seoul, Korea), and Leah O’Bryan (Middle School Teacher, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts). Facilitated by Julia Reynen (Founder/CEO, Culture Innovator, Clear Crossing Academy)

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 3:00 Introductions
  • 5:05 Helping teachers and parents be better connected to their local communities
  • 10:48 Advice for parents to support development of self, identity, and belonging
  • 18:31 Teaching TCK students remotely or hybrid
  • 27:50 The role that adults play in helping students understand their identity
  • 32:38 Fostering a more accepting and inclusive community for AAPI communities
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