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“Courageous Leaders are Willing to Fail” – Julia Reynen

Julia Reynen
July 16, 2020

Founder and Principal Advisor of Culture Innovator Julia Reynen shares with SchoolRubric’s Wallace Ting her thoughts on workplace culture, courageous leadership, and several additional exciting projects she is working on. For more information on Julia or her projects, visit or

  • 0:00 Introduction Julia Reynen
  • 0:46 Relocating from overseas, Founding Culture Innovator
  • 2:30 How has the pandemic changed your outlook?
  • 3:35 Clear Crossing Academy
  • 4:47 What is strong, courage leadership?
  • 5:39 Identifying positive culture gaps
  • 7:18 Workplace culture in international schools
  • 9:41 Staff morale in virtual environments
  • 12:21 Contact Julia Reynen
Julia Reynen
Born in London Ontario, Canada Julia first moved abroad as an international student at the age of 18 and has since lived, worked and studied in six countries across three continents. An educator at heart, she is a millennial on a mission to positively disrupt leadership and workplace culture as we know it. As Founder & Principal Advisor of Culture Innovator, Julia supports leaders across all industries navigate rapid growth and change without compromising positive workplace culture.