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International Educator Retention: Best Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities | EWB

In Part 1 of this special series of Educators Without Borders, we explored the world of international school recruitment. However, now that we have recruited excellent teachers for our schools, a lingering issue remains: how do we retain the best ones? Turnover in international schools can be particularly rampant, and this episode convenes four leading voices in the world of international education to explore how to improve teacher retention in our international school communities.

This episode of Educators Without Borders is hosted by Dr. Wallace Ting (Co-Founder, SchoolRubric) with special panelists Lee Fertig (Head of School, The Nueva School), Lisa Perskie (Executive Director, School of the Nations), and Aparna Sundaram (COO, Strategy & Recruitment, Diversity Collective).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 1:32 Panelist introductions
  • 6:16 Reasons that cause international school teachers to decide to transition
  • 16:53 How can leaders improve retention in international schools?
  • 26:10 Do contract extension conversations help or harm retention efforts?
  • 36:12 Balancing “healthy” versus “unhealthy” turnover in international schools
  • 48:35 Role of recruitment agencies in international school educator retention
  • 57:59 Questions for international school teachers regarding retention
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