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Why Every EDUCATOR Needs to Go INTERNATIONAL | Global Take

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live, work, and teach in another country? In this episode of Global Take, we meet educators that left their home country to teach abroad. We will discuss the reasons why ALL TEACHERS NEED TO GO INTERNATIONAL.

The panel will focus first on the crucial salary and benefits you should consider then how living abroad expanded their worldview. Leaving many of your friends and loved ones back home can be challenging, but the panel will discuss how the experience can be highly enriching. Of course, the guests will welcome your comments and questions during the live broadcast.

Join Nick DeForest (Assistant Director of the Events Office, American International School Vienna), Gustavo Dias (Physical Education Teacher and Coach, American School of Paris), and Megan Docherty (Learning Support and Intensive Needs Teacher, International School Bangkok) as they talk about the essential reasons why all educators should consider living and working internationally—hosted by Ryan Sagare (Co-founder, SchoolRubric).

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 4:24 Guest introductions
  • 8:15 Reason #1 to go international: Salary and benefits
  • 15:35 Reason #2 to go international: Expand your worldview
  • 21:30 Reason #3 to go international: Family Experience
  • 26:42 International Teaching Advice
  • 29:28 School Spotlight: American School of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Global Take
Global Take is an initiative by SchoolRubric to help connect, inform, and share stories and strategies specific to international schools. Through live episodes, school spotlights, and more, we strive to share our passion for international education and ultimately help improve student outcomes in these global communities.