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Safeguarding During (and After) the Pandemic | Global Take

In this episode of Global Take, we gather international educators from across the world to discuss how the pandemic has affected safeguarding in our schools. Has safeguarding taken a backseat during the pandemic, and how can we begin to refocus our efforts on prevention and education?

Join Rick Nelson (Director of Activities and Athletics, American Embassy School, New Delhi), Cindy Warner-Dobrowski (Director of Student Services, American School of Dubai), and Monica Clear (Safeguarding Coordinator, The American School in Japan). Hosted by Dr. Wallace Ting (SchoolRubric Co-Founder).

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 2:05 Guest introductions – What is safeguarding?
  • 6:36 Has safeguarding taken a back seat during the pandemic?
  • 12:11 Challenges and examples of safeguarding strategies in virtual spaces
  • 16:39 Have you seen changes in your students since the pandemic – and what we can do about it?
  • 24:58 Shifting safeguarding practices from triage to prevention and education
  • 30:35 Final thoughts – advice and tips for educators and schools
Global Take
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