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LGBTQ+ Inclusion in International Schools

In this episode of Global Take, we will consider LGBTQ+ inclusion in international schools. Our panelists will discuss how we can create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students, and the role leaders can play in supporting LGBTQ+ parents and teachers, and explore some of the challenges and learning opportunities that our panel has experienced. This seeks to be an honest, informative discussion that will include ideas you can take away for your school.

Please join Laura Davies (Athletic Director, Lanna International School), Dr. Sadie Hollins (Head of Sixth Form, Lanna International School), Kristina Pennell-Götze (Head of Drama and English L&L teacher, Berlin Brandenburg International School), Dr. Jeremy Majeski (Principal of Frankfurt International School’s Wiesbaden Campus), and Justin Garcia (ELD coordinator, Chiang Mai International School) on this episode of Global Take.

  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 4:39 How can we support our LGBTQ+ students so that they can be their most authentic selves?
  • 18:42 Have you experienced any barriers to LGBTQ+ inclusion within your schools?
  • 28:47 What kinds of activities do you do to educate/work with your parent community?
  • 31:00 How as educators, leaders and parents move our international schools forward
  • 37:55 Instigating change through “baby steps” or more ambitious overhauls
  • 41:38 School Spotlight: Berlin Brandenburg International School
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