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Celebrating Multilingualism in International Schools | Global Take

Many kids in international schools are English Second Language Students. In this episode of Global Take, we will talk to international teachers from different parts of the world to discuss strategies and share practical examples that can be used to help multilingual students thrive in the classroom.

Please join Ceci Gomez Galvez (ES EAL Coordinator) in Vietnam, Tan Huynh (MYP Integrated Humanities Teacher) in Thailand, and Rob Thomas (Primary School Teacher) in Brazil. Hosted by Ryan Sagare (Co-Founder, SchoolRubric).

  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 2:20 Panelist introductions
  • 3:34 What are the most creative things you do in the classroom to reach multilingual learners?
  • 7:46 Why are you using the team multilingual instead of ELLs?
  • 14:29 How might designing a culturally responsive curriculum support the language development of multilingual learners?
  • 25:58 School Spotlight: St. Dominic’s International School
  • 32:48 What are some practical things that ALL teachers can start doing tomorrow to reach ESL students?
Global Take
Global Take is an initiative by SchoolRubric to help connect, inform, and share stories and strategies specific to international schools. Through live episodes, school spotlights, and more, we strive to share our passion for international education and ultimately help improve student outcomes in these global communities.