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Assessment Reimagined: What Have We Learned? Where Do We Go Next? | Educators Without Borders

The past school year has brought to the forefront what many would say are flaws in assessment and grading practices. As teachers and students persevered through constant changes to learning environments, unprecedented personal and professional challenges, and political upheaval across the nation, perhaps a silver lining to the struggles and strife have been the widespread acknowledgement that systems must change.

We cannot continue to apply processes and practices the way they’ve been done for centuries. As a key example, assessments that harm students by exacerbating inequities, or grading practices that persist as proxies for privilege, must be overhauled, but how? Teachers and schools find themselves faced with demands for abundant changes, yet amidst the interruptions to routine and habit, now is the time to create a “new normal”. Join education experts Dr. Matt Townsley, Dr. Jeff Rhodes, and Starr Sackstein as we offer relevant, approachable recommendations for shifting mindsets, changing systems, and paving the way for a radically improved educational experience for every child.

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 5:17 Panelist introductions
  • 12:16 Key flaws in traditional assessment and/or grading practices
  • 20:43 How do traditional assessment and grading practices exaggerate inequities?
  • 31:34 Persistent obstacles to measurable change in assessment and grading practices
  • 45:23 Assessment practices you’ve implemented because of the pandemic that still stick
  • 54:40 Priorities for assessment and grading for next Fall
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