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Navigating Teacher Evaluations During a Pandemic: Perspectives From Around the World | EWB

Several months into arguably the most tumultuous school year in recent history, one of the “elephants in the remote instruction room” has become, where have classroom observation practices gone?

Join panelists Chris Irvin (MYP Principal, Shenzen, China), Dr. Jay Jones (Principal, Virginia, USA), and Dr. Robert Thornell (Chief Executive Director of Learning and Teaching, Lewisville, Texas, USA) as they discuss and field questions from educators around the world. Hosted and moderated by Lindsay Prendergast (NWEA Educational Consultant, Savannah, Georgia, USA).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 0:42 Our Guiding Questions
  • 4:51 Panelist Introductions
  • 6:39 How can we build teachers’ comfort level in a digital environment?
  • 11:38 Priorities in virtual teacher observations
  • 16:58 How to measure non-verbal feedback
  • 19:34 Providing feedback in teacher observations in a constructive manner
  • 25:34 Should we completely reconsider teacher evaluation to match the unique learning environment?
  • 27:21 Are walk-throughs still conducted in the virtual world of teaching?
  • 29:43 How do we observe teachers without making them feel nervous?
  • 35:32 How can we minimize anxiety for teacher in remote observations?
  • 41:20 Descriptive feedback to increase reflection
  • 42:50 Psychological support for teachers in flex classes
  • 45:32 Conclusion
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