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Tell Your Story: Amplifying the Voices of Your Community | Inside the Principal’s Office

There are a multitude of amazing things happening in our schools today, but as leaders many times our focus is on execution and implementation versus finding ways to share and build upon our successes. In this episode of Inside the Principal’s Office, we take time to discuss how we can amplify the voices within our communities by sharing our school stories.

This episode features Charles Williams (Principal, Plato Learning Academy), Dr. Robert Thornell (Director of Leadership Development, Lewisville ISD), Lissette Jacobson (Principal, Pioneer Elementary) and Mike Earnshaw (Principal, Oak Glen Elementary).

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 1:14 Guest introductions
  • 7:35 The best ways or platforms to tell my story and to ensure that it reaches everybody?
  • 25:23 How can we drill down and communicate to others what makes our schools unique?
  • 33:44 Ideas That Stick: Share a recent school story from your community
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