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Grounding Ourselves In Our Purpose | Inside The Principal’s Office

Many of us have gotten into a rhythm and routine where we simply go through the motions to get through the day – and have lost our sense of purpose and conviction. In this episode of Inside the Principal’s Office, we look to rediscover and ground ourselves in the work that we do by examining and sharing how all leaders and find their purpose. Co-hsts Michael McWilliams and Charles Williams are joined by renowned podcast host, author, and consultant Barbara Bray for this special episode.

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 1:00 Welcome back – guest introductions
  • 11:15 What process did you use to identify and communicate your purpose?
  • 30:07 How do you ensure that your actions are aligned with your purpose?
  • 40:30 Ideas That Stick: What steps do you take to hold yourself accountable to living within your purpose?
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