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Sharpen the Saw: Increasing Your Capacity to Lead | Inside the Principal’s Office

Despite a leader’s role in making decisions and guiding an organization, they also need to create time and space to build capacity and sharpen their professional toolkits. How can they find this balance, and what are the major elements associated with leadership capacity building?

Join co-hosts Michael McWilliams (Principal, Savannah Elementary School) and Charles Williams (Principal, Plato Learning Academy) as they welcome guests Roman Nowak (Teacher / Agent of Transformation, Rockland, Ontario Schools) and Matt Bennett (Deputy Head, Garden International School) for this discussion.

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 1:00 Guest introductions
  • 7:01 Creating time and spaces to build your own capacity while serving others
  • 19:34 Building spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional capacity
  • 31:08 Ideas That Stick: What will you be doing this Summer to build your capacity and sharpen your saw?
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