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Reflective Leadership: Our Professional Growth Stories | Inside the Principal’s Office

On this episode of Inside the Principal’s Office, we welcome the three co-authors (Dr. Robert Thornell, Charles Williams, Ryan Sagare) of the new self-titled book “A Leadership Guide to Inspire Reflection and Growth.” We explore more about some personal stories of growth in each person’s journey, as well as their favorite sections of the book that they hope will inspire school leaders. Hosted by Ryan Sagare, SchoolRubric Co-Founder.

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 3:05 What inspired you to write this book?
  • 8:05 Structure of the book
  • 11:55 Week 17: Fans Don’t Boo Nobodies
  • 19:40 Week 5: Baking a Cake
  • 27:28 Week 30: Leadership Everyday
  • 35:39 Ideas That Stick: What advice do you have for principals as this new school year gets underway?
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