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Leading an International School through the Pandemic (Discovery School, Honduras) – Ken Davis

Kenneth Davis
August 10, 2020

Ken Davis, the director of Discovery School in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, joins SchoolRubric to chat on the pandemic situation in Honduras and the plans that Discovery School has for the new school year. Mr. Davis also reflects upon some lessons learned in his first role as a school director and living and working overseas in international schools for the past two decades. Learn more about Discovery School by visiting

  • 0:00 Ken Davis introduction
  • 0:57 COVID situation in Honduras
  • 2:38 Future of schools post-pandemic
  • 4:53 The Head of School learning curve
  • 7:45 Discovery School accomplishments and goals
  • 11:06 Living and working overseas
  • 13:23 Spending time with family during COVID
  • 14:23 Wrap-Up
Kenneth Davis
I have been teaching for over 20 years now and the field of education is constantly changing, as is my view on education. I know that with each passing year, I am able to gain valuable information from my students, my peers, my supervisors and through self-examination. My personal philosophy on education is to create a trusting, professional and open relationship between myself, staff, parents and students to allow the greatest opportunity to learn.