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Using Socratic Questioning as a Lens for School Improvement: Socrates Head of School – Mark Engstrom

Mark Engstrom, an experienced school administrator in both in the U.S. and internationally, joins SchoolRubric to discuss his latest project, Socrates Head of School, that reframes the age-old question of educator professional development and asks the essential question “What if Socrates was a present-day Head of School?” To learn more, visit

  • 0:00 SchoolRubric introduction
  • 0:10 Mark Engstrom introduction
  • 0:43 What is Socrates Head of School?
  • 3:19 A different lens of school improvement
  • 4:24 What is a distillation?
  • 6:13 Other types of distillations
  • 7:53 Advice for administrators
  • 10:43 Who is your audience?
  • 12:22 For more information
Mark Engstrom
Is from New Orleans, Louisiana and was a full-time classroom teacher for fifteen years before moving into administration. He has an M.Ed. in International Teaching and an M.A. in Cultural Geography. Education has landed him in Korea, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and various independent and public schools in the United States. Mark has written blog posts for EdSurge, Getting Smart, and Blendmylearning as part of the effort to move schools forward. In addition, he has presented at OESIS, the Association of American Schools in South America, Association of International Schools in Africa, and consulted for Independent School Management. Moving forward, Mark hopes that Socrates - Head of School will spark schools to focus on students as they think about the why, what, and how of leading and learning.