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Don’t Forget the Data: Continuous Improvement in Schools | Inside the Principal’s Office

Data is the driving force of every decision we make in school and using data to drive decision making will only help increase student outcomes and improvement across our schools. In schools we have a multitude of different data points, and at times, they can be overwhelming, especially for the leader who is facilitating these data digs with their various stakeholders. This episode of Inside the Principal’s Office features conversation centered around using data for continuous improvement in our schools and strategies to ensure we are not missing one single student in our building.

We welcome Tim Shirk (High School Principal, Colegio Bolivar) and Dr. LaQuanta Nelson (Principal, Magnolia Middle School). Co-Hosted by Michael McWilliams (Principal, Savannah Elementary) and Charles Williams (Principal, Plato Learning Academy).

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 3:27 Introductions
  • 9:45 Building collective responsibility to disaggregate data and make plans
  • 24:50 Developing a culture of data-based decision making
  • 33:51 Collecting student survey data on engagement and content
  • 37:55 Ideas that Stick
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