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International Education Leadership – A Global Playbook (CULTURE) | Global Take

This special edition of Global Take is the fourth of a six part series focused on Nick DeForests new book, International Education Leadership: A Global Playbook. The book is for directors, principals, teachers, coaches, athletic directors or anyone involved in an international school. The “playbook” centers around six key elements that all schools need to excel in: Core, Commitment, Care, Culture, Competition and Communication.

This Fourth episode focuses on the element, Culture and is hosted by Nick DeForest. Nick is joined by Martin Halpin (Athletics and Activities Director, Western Academy of Beijing China) who is one of the 40 international educators who also contributed to the book which hoped to “raise the game” of schools all over the world.

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 1:00 The six 6 Cs of the book
  • 2:10 Welcome Martin Halpin
  • 8:16 What is it like at WAB in regards to uniforms for coaches and athletes?
  • 11:35 How do you use history to help improve or strengthen the culture of athletics?
  • 18:40 How do you involve students in your athletic program?
  • 25:00 Recognizing other contributors to this chapter
Global Take
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