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Achieving a Common Purpose: Board & Head of School Dynamics in International Schools | EWB

As an international school leader, mastering the dynamics of effective relationships between the Head of School and governing board is a complex, nuanced process. For aspiring Directors/HOS, it can be the most significant gap in experience to that next opportunity. Yet a synergistic, healthy partnership between the Board and Head of School can influence not only the longevity of a leadership position but the overall performance of the entire school community. So what, exactly, are the key characteristics of such a partnership? How does a Head of School navigate the development of this partnership from their first day on the job through the various phases of their tenure? Join a panel of renowned, veteran international education leaders to hear their stories, the evolution of their journeys working with Boards, and key recommendations for success.

Join Dr. Wallace Ting (Co-Founder, SchoolRubric) and experienced international school leaders Catarina Song Chen (Director, American School of Belo Horizonte), Dr. Audrey Menard (Head of School, International School of Panama), and Dr. Jeremy Moore (Director, American International School of Johannesburg) in this episode of Educators Without Borders.

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 1:30 Panelist introductions
  • 7:35 Strategic versus operational: finding the balance in boards
  • 14:00 Preventing “marathon” school board meetings
  • 21:28 Dissecting the Head of School and Board Chair relationship
  • 30:00 Board chair transition strategies
  • 34:59 Effective and fair Head of School evaluation instruments
  • 42:56 What is your school board has no evaluation instrument for the Head of School?
  • 44:45 Thoughts on 360 evaluations
  • 48:06 Developing an engaged and committed school board
  • 55:15 Advice for younger/newer Heads of School
  • 1:01:00 International School Leadership Stories Book
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