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Falling Forward: School Leaders Discuss Their Post-Pandemic Plans | Inside the Principal’s Office

Nearly one year later after the onset of the global pandemic that disrupted schooling for millions of students across the world, authorities and policymakers continue to struggle with forward guidance and developing solutions to address the long-term challenges caused by the pandemic. As the world emerges from this chapter in human history, what plans do leaders have for our schools and our students?

In the premiere episode of Inside the Principal’s Office, we are joined by four school Principals from across the world as they attempt to synthesize their lessons learned and share their thinking for their schools’ post-pandemic plans and how to “fall forward” with grace.

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 1:38 Introductions and welcome
  • 5:42 An effective pandemic strategy that you will continue post-pandemic
  • 12:35 Addressing the “COVID Slide” in Fall 2021
  • 21:01 Supporting and training teachers to be successful
  • 28:06 Why can’t we make guidelines and time goals versus “requirements”?
  • 34:26 Ideas That Stick
  • 37:05 Wrapping up
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