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Grounding the Work: Removing the Helium to Sustain Initiatives | Inside the Principal’s Office

Each school year starts with the excitement of a fresh start – and in many cases, new initiatives and projects. How can we ensure that these initiatives are implemented in a meaningful and sustainable way once the initial excitement wears off? Join co-hosts Michael McWilliams and Charles Williams alongside guests Margarete Geissmann and Ken Williams as we discuss how to GROUND THE WORK and implement for success.

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 2:00 Guest introductions
  • 9:07 How can we ensure buy-in and traction with new initiatives?
  • 19:50 Measurement systems to track a new initiative
  • 35:10 Ideas that stick: What’s the biggest pitfall to avoid so you can ensure an initiative’s success?
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