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Disrupting Education: If Not Now, Then When? | Educators Without Borders

Never before has the world experienced so much collective upheaval as in the past 15 months. Educational institutions at all levels and across the globe are navigating complex scenarios as we begin to emerge from lockdowns and global quarantines. A question looms: will education practices simply return to “normal”? Or will we capitalize on this opportunity to disrupt patterns, habits, and routines and innovate forward? What does this future look like? Educators must determine their path: resume the status quo, or disrupt the system and venture into the unknown to design a new future. Join us as we gather leading voices to explore what could change, what should change, and where to begin.

This episode of Educators Without Borders features Dr. Yong Zhao, Dr. Spencer Fowler, and Saba Ghole. Hosted by Ryan Sagare.

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 3:56 Guest introductions
  • 7:28 Is the current education system developing truly future-ready young people?
  • 15:58 Indicators of education disruption and if efforts are being successful
  • 21:28 Building upon virtual learning models in a sustainable and scaleable way
  • 31:25 Obstacles that impede educational disruption and creating change
  • 41:36 Closing words: where should educators focus their efforts RIGHT NOW?
Educators Without Borders
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