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A “Sign” of a Better Program: The Marketing and Branding of Your Athletic Program

Athletic programs are international schools’ best marketing tools. Coaches and athletes are dispatched frequently to other schools as ambassadors but schools also welcome hundreds of athletes, coaches and visiting parents each year to their campus when they host events. In this episode of Global Take the panel will discuss the importance of not only external but also internal marketing of its athletics program. How much is too much, what is needed for school spirit and community building and what is just icing on the cake? If your school administration does not already use your athletics program to their advantage then watch this episode for some key takeaways that you can bring to them.

The panel will discuss these questions and more on this episode of Global Take. Please join Chris Mott (Athletics Director, International School of Bangkok), Claudia Araya (Director of Athletics & Activities,Escola Americana of Rio de Janeiro ) and Bryan Fischer (Assistant Director of Athletics, The International School of Brussels). Hosted by Nick DeForest (Assistant Director of the Events Office, American International School Vienna).

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 1:50 Guest introductions
  • 4:14 What types of things do you do to market your athletic program?
  • 8:49 Do we even need to think about marketing our athletics programs?
  • 15:08 Social media can be negative, how do you ensure the positive branding of your schools?
  • 23:52 What is your “flagship” draw for your program – your WOW factor?
  • 27:12 What is one thing you think all programs should do?
  • 34:25 School Spotlight: International School Bangkok
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