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Gamifying the Mathematics Classroom: Choose Your Own Adventure | Vantage Point

Chris Matthews, a mathematics teacher with experience both domestically in the United States and internationally, joins Dr. Wallace Ting from SchoolRubric to speak about his latest project – a book he authored entitled “The Dregg Disaster: An Algebra I Gamebook” as part of the Choose Your Adventure genre series.

In our discussion, we discuss the need for more gamification in mathematics classrooms, some ideas on how reluctant teachers can take that first step, and the inspiration and format of the book.

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  • 0:00 Vantage Point Introduction
  • 0:35 Learning more about Chris Matthews
  • 1:38 Making the jump to international education
  • 2:50 What inspired the book? Why this format?
  • 7:00 Format of the book – math as a process
  • 8:20 Reception to the book from students and teachers
  • 10:10 Gamifcation in mathematics education
  • 12:30 Responding to challenges in gamifying the classroom
  • 14:15 Other projects you’re working on
  • 15:45 Is Choose Your Adventure “real” reading?
  • 17:38 Where can we find more information about you and the book?
Chris Matthews
M. Ed, Algebra teacher, Choose Your Own Adventure Author, Crocs enthusiast. lover of the outdoors, board games, beer and climbing. #MTBoS