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Mindfulness in an Early Years Classroom | Stories of InterACT

Mindfulness has recently implemented in more classrooms across the world. In this edition of “Stories of InterACT,” we chat with Emily Charbonneau, an international educator in China who has implemented mindfulness practices in her Early Years classroom. In this conversation, hosted by InterACT Editor Dr. Ann Marie Luce, Emily shares her successes, challenges, advice, and recommended resources for all teachers considering implementing mindfulness practices in their classrooms.

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  • 0:00 Stories of InterACT Introduction
  • 0:17 About Emily
  • 1:05 What led you to implement mindfulness in your classroom?
  • 2:40 How do you vulnerably model mindfulness for your students?
  • 4:31 How have parents reacted to mindfulness in the classroom?
  • 6:09 What have your students taught you?
  • 7:50 What have you learned about yourself? Growing as an educator
  • 9:55 Advice for other educators wishing to implement mindfulness in their classrooms
  • 12:05 What do you do when mindfulness strategies fail?
  • 14:38 Go-to resources for mindfulness
  • 16:53 Journaling with students
Emily Charbonneau
I began my journey of mindfulness and meditation at 17 when I lived abroad for a year in Thailand. Since then, I have continued to explore the world through international teaching in countries like South Korea, Italy, Vietnam, and now China. I am currently a kindergarten teacher at the Canadian International School of Beijing with a passion for social emotional learning through wellness and mindfulness.