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The Future of School: What’s Possible, What’s Practical, and How Do We Get There? (Part 2) | EWB

Current school frameworks exist largely in systems that replicate practices and processes from over a century ago. In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are stuck in patterns and habits from the Second Industrial Revolution. If education doesn’t change, we only continue to stifle our very capacity to truly help students prepare to navigate complexity, adapt to uncertainty, and thrive in a future of their own design.

To prepare students for the world of both today and tomorrow, we either need to deconstruct and rebuild school from the ground up, or we need to leverage elements of its existing structure to make school “work” for students.

As appealing as it is to start from scratch, we know this approach is a long and uncertain one. So, what can we do to make meaningful changes that will equip students with the skills they need to be ready for jobs that don’t even exist yet? We need to grow future-ready learners.

Today’s discussion will center around one core question: how can classroom teachers and school administrators adjust their practices to cultivate the learning conditions most favorable for students to access the skills they need to be ready for the certain but unknown properties of the emerging future?

Join Patrice Dawkins-Jackson (Director of Organizational Learning & Development, Carnegie Foundation), Ewan McIntosh (NoTosh Founder, #Teachmeet Co-Founder), and Home Tavangar (Co-Founder, Big Questions Institute). Hosted by Zak Cohen (Director of Middle School, St. Francis School).

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